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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Power of Training

A successful training professional must really believe
in the power of training to improve performance. Training
can create value, make lives better and in some cases, even
save lives - as this example shows.

I read this on the website and was impressed
and inspired.

"Spotlight: One of history's most devastating earthquakes hit
Tangshan, China, on this date (this article appeared on July 28)
in 1976, killing approximately 250,000.

The Tangshan Earthquake registered about 8 on the Richter scale;
an aftershock registering 7.1 occurred less than a day later,
adding to the carnage. Nearly 80% of the industrial buildings
and over 90% of the residential buildings in Tangshan were
destroyed in the quakes.

In nearby Qinglong, where they had been warned some two years
earlier of the danger of earthquake, people were taught safety

The result: there was a single death in Qinglong —
of a heart attack."

A great example of how training can create value for mankind.

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