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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Do you really believe in what you are training others on?

A person who completely believes in what he is presenting will make an impactful presentation, notwithstanding his deficiencies in articulation, style etc.

And conversely, a person who does not truly have passion and belief for what he/she teaches, cannot make an impactful presentation – even with the finest presentation skills and slides. Even if the trainees feel good about such a presentation for some time, the impact will be lost on them in a short while.

The effect is not just on the trainees. The belief that a trainer/speaker has on his subject also affects how he/she feels about the training. In fact, trying to train others on something you don’t really believe in, is a soul destroying experience. If you don’t believe in it, then you should either not train others or you should cultivate belief in the subject by realigning your mind (changing your perspectives and paradigms by conscious effort).  Teaching others a subject that you really believe in, is a very positive and enriching experience that adds to your self-esteem. In fact, personally, I think this is what keeps some teachers going and going in spite of having to teach the same subject matter over and over.

One of the most effective speeches ever made was Abraham Lincoln’s address at Gettysburg. Lincoln spoke just nine sentences. At the same event, another famous speaker Edward Everett, delivered a speech for over an hour. No one even remembers what he said, or if he even spoke at that event, but Lincoln’s nine sentences became immortal. The reason is probably because Lincoln's words came straight from the heart.

Also, if a person truly believes in the content, he/she does not have to spend too much time preparing. 

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