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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Emerging trends in training

The advent of the Internet has accelerated the pace of change in the world. In order to survive and thrive, every industry needs to keep abreast of the changing environment. The training industry is no exception.

This is a wonderful article on trends in training.

A few points from this article that I found interesting:

- Four Trends in Training:
1. Globalisation
2. Business Focus
3. eLearning
4. War for Talent

- Seek Treasure in Niches: There are many niches to be successful in. Just because everyone is going one way, it does not mean that everyone is going the same way.

- Play to Your Strengths: We should all stick to what we are good at and what we love because people are swayed by passion. Moreover, you need to satisfy yourself as well as others.

- We do know that there will be an acceleration of change in the way training and learning takes place in the next 10 years. Training professionals need to be aware of these changes if they are to capitalise on them, or avoid become irrelevant because of them. There will always be niches in the market for people who excel in doing things that are not necessarily mainstream.

- Continued success is not guaranteed. Failure is not irreversible.

I have quoted the above from the article/speech by Reg Polson. All credit to him.

Very interesting, informative and inspiring.

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